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The Concept of a 928-Bed Rehabilitation Facility

The 1bed4all project has designed a 928-bed full-service homeless rehabilitation facility that offers all the required services to help get the homeless off the streets. Such facilities would be self-sustainable using existing benefits offered to the homeless, and these facilities can be built for under 4 million dollars. For every 4 million dollars spent, we can rehabilitate 928 people at a time forever.

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Rehabilitation .vs Enabling

The current state of how our society manages the homeless situation, in fact, enables the homeless with poor results. Homelessness is not the fault of society, but rehabilitation is the obligation of society. Handing the homeless small amounts of food and cash assistance which basically keeps these people from dying on the street, and programs, such as the "Tiny Home" program in San Jose, enables these people. The only way to get the homeless off the streets is to provide a full suite of rehabilitation services that include dorm-style housing, meals, laundry services, medical and dental services, mental health therapy, drug rehabilitation, access to transportation, access to computers and the Interner, pet care, and job placement programs. All of which can be provided utilizing existing benefits offered to the homeless reallocated to homeless rehabilitation facilities, offering all the above services in a safe, caring environment.

There are 90,000+ homeless people on the stre…